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Jan 14, 2013 4:30pm PST
on the dbe goal setting, but i just noticed when i saw that one slide, pretty volatile in terms of goals and it went up to 25 and now i know it's established from watching the video last night at 8.3. the actuals have been up in the 20s. can you just explain why that volatility and remind us why we went from the 20s down to 8. >> ? >> because we were initially receiving funds through matt, we had a lot of dbe participation on your contracts. we weren't supposed to take that into consideration when we first established our program, because we didn't have a previous dbe program. we couldn't take previous history into consideration. so we did have a very low goal just based on availability numbers in the database. i think it was 4% that first year and of course your participation was much higher. the goal did come down in the years where we were anticipating and did award the design contract, because that was such a large contract. and such a large percentage of the anticipated contracting activity. and wasn't anticipated and, in fact didn't have dbe participation advisory on that contra
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
to the board. >> good morning directors. sarah gillati. as you can see in this slide, this is to-date, our dbe and sbe awarded and paid. the $141 multiple awarded to dbes and sbes represents approximately 18% of our total contracting activity. the count shows that about 36% of our subcontractors are sbes and a quarter of our prime contractors are sbees. this shows dbe and sbe percentages and there is an inconsistency in the presentation. i apologize for that, live to date payment is $49.6 million. i pulled the wrong number in and i believe that is just the number paid to sbees for the fiscal year 10-13. total live to date payment is the $83 million in the previous slide. but shows that for the current set of fiscal years that we're in with our 8% revised goal. we have awarded 14% dbes and 21% to sb es. we worked very closely with the cmgs c and pendergast and associates to have pre-meetings and new yorking opportunities, workshops down in the construction trailers to folks fill out the paperwork to become certified and doing unbundling and roadmaps for prime contractors as far as where in each
Jan 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
. a contract status report showing dbe participation and amounts authorized and spent on each contract and at this point, we are at -- through the federal fiscal year period that we're in we're at 14% dbe awarded and 21% sbe actual. the third report is our investment and earnings interest report and we continue to earn interest in our participation in the city treasurer's pool. we have a small amount of u.s. treasury notes in our trust account with landfill proceeds and we continue to have an interest-free bank account, so that we don't pay fees for the most part on the bank account. the fourth report is the inception to-date. i am happy to answer questions from directors. >> any questions from directors? >> i just want to commend you all on the safety performance under this construction contract. it is pretty heavy, significant, complex work and the fact that you have continued to go through without issue. i don't know how much is attributable to being a jpla, but it's really phenomenal. it's a good model for everyone. one question on the financial report. where is the contingency
Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm PST
to the project with an almost 10 percent dbe sub. we are looking forward to working with them as soon as the award is made final to the committee and the board. >> thank you. other any questions or comments re: item number three? seeing then we'll open it to public comment. if there is any member of the public like to comment please come forward. >> i think it is -- when the meeting started late. you informed the people in the audience. very few people come to these meetings. one of the reason is because there is no interaction between the committee and the constituents of san francisco. so this meeting started late, and i know there was an emergency of some sort. it is good etiquette to announce that. having said that, we begin this new year 2013, the san francisco county transportation authority looks at given out a lot of grants for this that and the other. and some determination has been made on this bit. what i am asking for is a quarterly or biannual report. with see these grants made and then there is no follow-up. in light of what is going on in the nation, debt ceiling,
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)